I love to brand.
I've branded news outlets large and small--from networks and digital news to colleges and schools. I've been doing it for nearly 20 years, and it's how I've accumulated a portfolio spanning countless product launches, shows, and startups across all platforms, with numerous accolades and Emmy nominations to boot.
I'm the one to turn to when you need a quality rebrand that's within your budget. If your promo campaign needs spicing up, I can turn the mundane into a marvel.  Have an important presentation with a bunch of clients that are hard to impress? I've got you covered. Need to make yourself look good? I create web sites and resume tapes. I can even take a pretty picture or two or hundreds and  turn them into stunning timelapses.
- News branding
- Show branding
- 2D and 3D MoGraph
- Digital and mobile design
- Promotion campaign planning
- Brand consulting
- Commercial production
- Visual presentations
- Real-time graphics and templating
- UI / UX Design
- Time Lapse and Still Photography
- Adobe Creative Cloud Suite with expression writing
- VizRT / Viz Artist 3.8 with Transition Logic and Scripting
- Ross Xpression
- TriCaster LiveGraphics
- Cinema 4D with Redshift
- WordPress
- Chyron Lyric 8
- Canon T5i
- AVID Media Composer
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